Best NFC Apps

While Google Wallet might be the first thing that people think of when they talk about NFC apps, there's more to it than just mobile payments. A clever user can use NFC tags to automate a whole host of phone functions, such as passing contacts, silencing your phone, launching apps, or configuring your wireless settings. Check out 6 clever NFC apps for Android phones.

Trigger (Free) 

Formerly known as NFC Task Launcher, Trigger is a powerful Android automation app that allows you to automate numerous tasks and scripts for your smartphone based on a variety of triggers, such as NFC tags. Creative users can program a wide variety of tasks to be triggered with an NFC tag, such as for example silencing your phone when you tap an NFC tag on your nightstand, or turning on your WiFi and killing your mobile data when you tap a tag at your doorway, or automatically connecting to your car's Bluetooth.

Tasker ($2.99) + Locale NFC Plugin ($1.53) 

Tasker is another well-regarded Android automation tool, and with the addition of plugins, such as the Locale NFC Plugin, users can use NFC tags as triggers to initiate Tasker tasks. As with Trigger, user creativity is the main limit, as you can configure a wide variety of tasks that you can trigger with different NFC tags.

Puzzle Alarm Clock (Free) 

Hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock app is too easy. In order for Puzzle Alarm Clock to stop beeping, users need to solve a puzzle, or physically get up to an NFC tag or QR code. The app comes with a variety of random puzzles and the option to automatically open an app right after the alarm. For best effect, try placing the NFC tag right next to your washroom sink so you can get straight to freshening up in the morning.

InstaWiFi (Free) 

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with visiting friends can be a bit of a chore, especially if you're a fan of cryptographically strong passwords loaded with symbols, numbers and varying case. Enter InstaWiFi, an app that allows users to share Wi-Fi network login details through an NFC tag or QR code. Afterwards, users can simply tap their phone against the NFC tag or scan the QR code to connect to the network.

NFC Tools (Free) + NFC Tasks (Free) 

NFC Tools is a combination of NFC tag reader and writer, allowing you to read technical details and information stored in the tag, as well as write information into non-write-protected tags. Users can save text, links, details, GPS locations, addresses, configure Bluetooth connections and more. The addition of companion app NFC Tasks allows users to create automated task scripts that can range from enabling or disabling network settings, alarms, launch Tasker tasks, configure wireless networks and more.

NFC ReTag Pro ($1.99) 

NFC ReTag Pro allows users to reuse write-protected NFC tags (such as old elevator tags, badges, keycards, pricetags) by storing the tag's device ID and using that to trigger for a variety of tasks. NFC ReTag Pro comes with a variety of actions that you can trigger with a tag, such as phone settings (volume, brightness, auto-sync), network controls, launching apps or Tasker tasks and more. A neat feature with the app is that you can program in tag cycles, programming different tasks each scan.

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