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The new year starts out mellow on Hulu, with just a couple of new shows that look promising, plus the return of Hulu's original thriller The Path. If you're looking for the latest films, Hulu isn't the place for you this month. But Hulu does bring some true classics from past decades. These are our picks.

TV Shows

Beyond, Season 1 (Jan. 2)

Beyond | Trailer Teaser | Freeform

This sci-fi thriller, which targets a young audience, is the story of a teenage boy, Holden, who falls into a 12-year coma. He awakens as a kid in a man's body, and with supernatural powers, to boot. Now he has to unravel mysteries and conspiracies, starting with what happened to him. The series begins with a 2-hour kickoff episode.

Emerald City (Jan. 7)

EMERALD CITY | Official Trailer: Welcome to Emerald City

The Wizard of Oz remakes are in season. A month after Amazon's animated Lost in Oz, NBC debuts a grown-up live version, with an adult Dorothy traveling through a computer-generated-imagery extravaganza reminiscent of The Huntsman movie franchise.

The Path, Season 2 (Jan. 25)

The Path Season 2 Trailer (Official) • The Path on Hulu

When this show began, it looked like a predictable thriller about a religious cult in upstate New York, but it took a surreal turn. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) stars as Eddie, who marries into a religion called Meyerism through his wife, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), a lifelong member of the movement. Hugh Dancy (Hannibal) plays the upstart preacher who's trying to take over the movement from the elderly, possibly dead, or at least comatose, founder. Eddie's faith is shaken, not simply by the suspicion that he may be in a cult, but by visions that may indicate true supernatural forces. Hang in there for Season 2.

Other shows
The Bachelor, Season 21 (Jan. 3)
Bones, Season 12 (Jan. 4)
The Celebrity Apprentice, Season 8 (Jan. 3)
Grimm, Season 6 (Jan. 7)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 11 (Jan. 3)
Match Game, Season 2 (Jan. 9)
Nashville, Season 5 (Jan. 6)
Scandal, Season 6 (Jan. 20)
Sleepy Hollow, Season 4 (Jan. 7)
The Powerpuff Girls, Seasons 1-6 (Jan. 1)
To Tell the Truth, Season 2 (Jan. 2)


Across the Universe (Jan. 1)

Across The Universe - Trailer

The music of the Beatles inspires this love story, set in the 1960s, between Brit Jude (Jim Sturgess) and American Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). In this 2007 film, they are brought together by the energy of the Greenwich Village countercultural movement, and torn apart by the Vietnam War. Critics panned the film, but fans loved its lavish musical productions.

Amélie (Jan. 1)

Amélie (2001) Official Trailer 1 - Audrey Tautou Movie

Audrey Tautou plays the title character in this surreal story about a naïve young woman in Paris who dedicates herself to helping those around her in sweet, whimsical ways. Her greatest challenge is to overcome her own fear of finding love.

Annie Hall (Jan. 1)

Annie Hall Official Trailer #1 - Woody Allen Movie (1977) HD

Annie Hall features the quintessential Woody Allen character in the neurotic, sex-obsessed, Jewish-guilt-ridden comedian Alvy Singer. Forty years old and twice divorced, Singer reflects on his relationship with ditzy, Midwestern WASP Annie Hall (in one of Diane Keaton's signature roles). True to his self-absorbed persona, Alvy tells more his story than that of his romance in this 1977 flick, ranging back to his childhood growing up near Coney Island, Brooklyn. Their breakup, though not surprising, evokes the familiar melancholy that comes when people wrap up too many hopes for themselves in a relationship with another person.

Footloose (Jan. 1)

Footloose (1/7) Movie CLIP - Ariel Likes Ren (1984) HD

The prolific star Kevin Bacon made it big in this hyperbolic tale. A big-city kid moves to a tiny Midwestern town where rock and roll and dancing are illegal. But he just can't stop moving. It's worth watching just for the ultra '80s soundtrack.

Mission: Impossible (Jan. 1)

Mission: Impossible - Trailer

Brian De Palma reimagined the 1970s spy series and launched a new Tom Cruise action franchise, beginning with this 1996 film. Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, a promising U.S. secret agent turned most-wanted man after an operation in Prague goes horribly wrong.

The Piano (Jan. 1)

The Piano (1993) Official Trailer - Holly Hunter, Anna Paquin Movie HD

This frontier romance earned Academy Awards for Jane Campion as writer, Holly Hunter as best actress, and a little Anna Paquin as best supporting actress. Accompanied by her daughter, Hunter's character, Ada, is sent to a remote New Zealand island for an arranged marriage with a wealthy landowner (Sam Neill) but falls in love with a laborer played by Harvey Keitel.

War Games (Jan. 1)

WarGames (3/11) Movie CLIP - Shall We Play a Game? (1983) HD

Russian hackers look harmless next to David, a young computer nerd played by Matthew Broderick in this 1983 Cold War tech thriller. In the film, David inadvertently accesses the computer controlling the missile defense system for the United States and engages it in a game that could end in World War III.

Witness (Jan. 1)

Witness (9/9) Movie CLIP - Right of Way (1985) HD

Harrison Ford plays Philadelphia detective John Book, assigned to investigate the brutal murder of an undercover cop that has only one witness: an 8-year-old Amish boy. With the killers in pursuit, Book goes to ground in Amish country to protect the boy and his lovely young mother, Rachel (Kelly McGillis). Extreme culture shock ensues.

Other movies
Hostel (Jan. 28)
Jackass: The Movie (Jan. 1)
King Kong (Jan. 1)
Leaving Las Vegas (Jan. 1)
Lethal Weapon (Jan. 1)
Trading Places (Jan. 1)
The Untouchables (Jan. 1)
Vanilla Sky (Jan. 1)

What Else to Stream

The amount of good content online doesn't stop here. Check out our list of the best shows to binge watch to find some more gems you'll want to stream.

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    So I felt like I was missing out on cable and TV, so I picked up Hulu Plus for a few months to 'catch up' with mainstream shows... turns out that the shows are rubbish, and paying for the right to watch commercials is one of the dumbest 'features' ever to hit the internet. I thought that I would enjoy Hulu enough to get a real cable service... but it isn't even worth the $8/mo for Hulu... how on earth do people justify their cable bills?