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If July's temperatures don't do it, the sheer magnitude of offerings on Hulu might make you sweat this month. Top of the bill are the site's original series: Cringe comedy Difficult People is about burnout entertainers still trying to make in the Big Apple. East Los High, broadcast in English, is Hulu's all-Latino high school melodrama set in the City of Angels. Meanwhile, Hulu continues to bring more Spanish-language entertainment via Univision, like international spy drama El Principe. Many, many other shows also drop new seasons on Hulu, far more than we've listed here. And while the movie offerings aren't the most recent, many are top quality, like multi Oscar-winner The Aviator, Trainspotting and Rosemary's Baby.

TV Shows

Another Period, Season 2 (July 6)

Another Period - The Claudette Sisters' Demise

Keeping Up with the Kardashians meets Downton Abbey meets the Office meets Absolutely Fabulous in this spoof of the Gilded Age. Comedians Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome created and star in this tale of the obscenely rich and stupid living in Rhode Island at the turn of the century. The talented cast includes satire veterans like David Koechner (American Dad) and Michael Ian Black (The Jim Gaffigan Show).

Difficult People, Season 2 (July 12)

Difficult People Season 2 Trailer (Official)

Julie and Billy have all the ego and pettiness of the worst famous people, without any of the fame, in this Hulu series. The scarcely making-it New York City entertainers (played by Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner) are continually undone by their own selfishness in this cringe-worthy comedy with a dash of Seinfeld-style New York humor.

East Los High, Season 4 (July 15)

East Los High Season 4 - Teaser (Official)

Hulu's original teen drama features an all-Latino cast dealing with the challenges of growing up in East Los Angeles. The English-language show's subject matter is often heavy, rife with such topics as teen pregnancy and undocumented immigrant status. Sex and lots of romantic drama among the insanely attractive characters add some sizzle.

El Principe: Series Premiere (July 19)

El Principe en Univision

Did you know there's a tiny piece of Spain that's part of Africa? It's on the tip of a peninsula jutting off from Morocco. This thriller takes place there, in the town of El Principe (actually a neighborhood of the city of Ceuta), a predominantly Muslim community. Protagonist Javier Morey is a spy sent to infiltrate the local police department and investigate the possibility that some of the cops are collaborating with Islamist extremists.

The Last Alaskans, Season 1 (July 1)

Sneak Peek of THE LAST ALASKANS - A New Critically Acclaimed Series

Discovery's reality program shows the lives of people living in the far northern Alaskan wilderness, hundreds of miles from roads. It's beautiful countryside but with challenges, like staying clear of bears and coping with sometimes crushing loneliness.

Va Por Ti: Special (July 18)

El bailoteo en Va Por Ti se volvió una regla

Think of The Voice, but en Español. In this competition reality show, stars of Latin music coach contestants vying for a cash prize and a recording contract.

Other Shows
Blue Bloods, Season 6 (July 25)
Elementary, Season 4 (July 25)
MythBusters, Season 17 (July 1)
River Monsters, Season 7 (July 1)
Running Wild with Bear Grylls and President Barack Obama: Special (July 12)
RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 8 (July 15)
Vikings, Season 4 (July 21)


48 Hrs. (July 1)

48 Hrs. - Trailer

Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy star in this cross-cultural buddy cop movie. Jack Cates (Nolte) is a loose-canon detective paired with Reggie Hammond (Murphy), a con man who can help him hunt down a pair of cop killers. The one glitch: Hammond is in jail. Cates negotiates to get Hammond out for 48 hours under his supervision to help with the investigation, and hilarity ensues.

The Aviator (July 1)

The Aviator (2004) Official Trailer #1 - Leonardo DiCaprio

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio collaborate to tell the story of a young Howard Hughes, the brilliant but troubled millionaire (billionaire, adjusted for inflation) who dominated the aviation industry and made a splash in Hollywood as a filmmaker. Hughes' money and smarts kept him on top for a time, but mental illness eventually wore him down. Cate Blanchett took home the Best Supporting Actress for playing Hughes' one-time love interest Katharine Hepburn.

Broadway Danny Rose (July 1)

Trailer: Broadway Danny Rose 1984

Woody Allen plays New York's least-successful talent agent in this 1984 comedy, shot in black and white for extra nostalgia. A failed comic, the titular character is barely surviving by repping acts like a blind xylophonist. His one shot is an attempt to revive the career of Italian crooner Lou Canova (Nick Apollo Forte), but one of the duties entailed in that effort is tending to the Lou’s high-maintenance mafia-princess mistress, Tina (Mia Farrow).

Clear and Present Danger (July 1)

Clear and Present Danger - Trailer

Harrison Ford plays Tom Clancy's protagonist, CIA analyst Jack Ryan, in this 1994 espionage caper. Ryan is appointed deputy director of the CIA, where he's kept in the dark about the agency's dirty war against Colombian drug cartels. Learning that he's been played, Ryan seeks to make it right, with help from an operative known only as Clark, played by Willem Dafoe.

Dirty Wars (July 1)

Dirty Wars Official Trailer 1 (2013) - War Documentary HD

Based on the book by investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill, this Oscar-nominated documentary digs into U.S. covert actions in the "war on terror" — including assassinations — in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Don't Look Now (July 1)

Don't Look Now (1973) - HD Trailer [1080p]

Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland star as architecture historians in this 1973 supernatural thriller. While working on the restoration of a church in Venice, Italy, they encounter not only a series of unsolved murders, but also signs that their recently departed daughter may be contacting them from beyond the grave.

Escape from Alcatraz (July 1)

Escape From Alcatraz - Trailer

Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay was almost inescapable, until three men slipped out in 1962. Clint Eastwood plays the leader of the escape, Frank Morris, in this 1979 dramatization. The film slowly builds tension as Morris and his crew pull together a plan that includes digging through rock walls with spoons and making a raft out of raincoats. All anyone knows for sure is that the convicts got out: They were never officially seen afterward, alive or dead.

Glory (July 1)

Glory (4/8) Movie CLIP - Shaw vs. the Quartermaster (1989) HD

The North fought against slavery in the U.S. Civil War, but it wasn't a bastion of racial tolerance. Col. Robert Gould Shaw (Matthew Broderick) fought prejudice on both sides of the border by leading the war's first all-black volunteer company. Among his challenges was the cantankerous Pvt. Trip, played by Denzel Washington. Morgan Freeman and Cary Elwes star as Shaw's advisors.

Hunger (July 1)

"Hunger": Official Trailer

Long before Brexit, the United Kingdom's biggest political crisis was the disintegration of Northern Ireland in battles between Protestants determined to stay in the United Kingdom and Catholics wanting to join the Irish Republic. World attention focused on the Troubles, as they were known, in 1981 when an IRA prisoner Bobby Sands (played here by Michael Fassbender), led nine other convicts in a fatal hunger strike.

The Hunt for Red October (July 1)

The Hunt for Red October - Trailer

Sean Connery plays rogue Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius in this film based on the Tom Clancy novel. Without explanation, Ramius pilots the USSR's most powerful nuclear submarine straight for the U.S. Most people in the military think Ramius is a madman about to attack, but CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) has another theory. He’ll risk his life, and perhaps nuclear war, to explore it.

In the Loop (July 1)

In The Loop - Official Trailer

This 2009 satire takes on the awkwardness of Anglo-American relations and the half-baked ideas that led up to the Iraq War. Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who) reprises his role of Malcolm Tucker from BBC political comedy The Thick of It — a foul-mouthed communications director exasperated by British officials who keep mangling the message. It starts when Simon Foster (Tom Hollander), a foot-in-mouth British minister, states that a war is unforeseeable, contradicting Downing Street's own leanings. James Gandolfini plays the bumbling, anti-war U.S. Lt. Gen. George Miller.

Phoenix (July 1)

Phoenix Official US Release Trailer (2015) - Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld German Drama HD

A woman is so disfigured that her friends and family no longer recognizer her, allowing her to go undercover and spy on them. Nina Hoss plays Nelly Lenz, a Jewish concentration camp survivor who requires facial reconstruction surgery after a bullet wound. The operation is a success, but she looks nothing like her old self. She uses the subterfuge to investigate the husband and friends who think she's dead, and may have played a role in her imprisonment. (It's in German, with subtitles.)

Rosemary's Baby (July 1)

Rosemarys Baby - Trailer

Mia Farrow's breakout role came in this most subtle of horror movies from 1968. She plays a young bride, Rosemary, who's life deteriorates once she becomes pregnant — including failing health and the disturbing vision that she was raped by a beast. Her actor husband Guy (John Cassavetes) and a motley crew of eccentric neighbors try to convince her that everything is fine, but she increasingly suspects that they have devilish plans for her and her baby. Rosemarie has no idea until the end just how right she is.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan & III: The Search for Spock (July 1)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Trailer

Following a flat debut, the Star Trek film franchise took off with its second installment, the battle between Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and genetically engineered supervillain Khan Noonien Singh, played with campy panache by Ricardo Montalban. Wrath of Khan ends with the fate of Kirk's first officer in question, which leads into the franchise's third installment.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (July 1)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Trailer

Facing annihilation due to a natural disaster, the Klingons sue for peace with their long-standing enemy, the United Federation of Planets. Admiral James T. Kirk is no fan of the Klingons, but he fulfills his mission to escort the Klingon delegation to peace talks — until all hell breaks loose. Kirk, the skeptic of peace, ultimately becomes the one man who can save it, in this, the last film to feature the full cast from the original show.

Touching the Void (July 1)

Touching The Void - Trailer

After summiting the west face of the 21,000-foot Siula Grande in Peru in 1985, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates faced the real endurance test when Simpson fell and broke his leg on the way down. Based on Simpson's book of the same name, this 2003 film is a combination documentary and dramatization featuring interviews with Simpson and Yates, as well as re-enactments by actors Brendan Mackey and Nicholas Aaron.

Trainspotting (July 1)

Trainspotting (1996) Official Trailer - Ewan McGregor Movie HD

This 1996 black comedy, based on the book by Irvine Welsh, launched the career of a young Ewan McGregor. He plays the lead role of Renton, a junkie in Edinburgh, Scotland, on a long journey to get sober, with many steps backward. It's complicated, very complicated, by his relationships with an oddball cast of friends, including the psychopath Begbie (Robert Carlyle) and jailbait girlfriend Diane (Boardwalk Empire's Kelly Macdonald). The film, directed by Danny Boyle, challenges the touristy notion of Edinburgh as Scotland's quaint cultured capital.

Trekkies (July 1)

Trekkies - Trailer

Released in 1997, this film about Star Trek fanatics is an opportunity to see pure, unadulterated neediness before geeks became billionaires, and before A-list actors starred in movies based on comic books. Director Roger Nygard takes you inside the lives of people who don't just watch Star Trek, but live it — like a dentist who outfitted his entire office and staff in the style of the show. Trekkies also interviews many Star Trek actors from over the decades, including Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, George Takei, Levar Burton, Jonathan Frakes and Kate Mulgrew.

Other Movies
Finding Neverland (July 1)
Flashdance (July 1)
Hackers (July 1)
Patriot Games (July 1)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (July 1)

What Else to Stream

The amount of good content online doesn't stop here. Check out our list of the best shows to binge watch to find some more gems you'll want to stream.

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