Best All-in-One PCs 2016

Since they are more mobile than traditional desktops and offer more screen space than most laptops, all-in-ones provide a cozy middle ground for those seeking a reliable computer. These unique PCs pack their components, ports and monitors into a single unit, allowing you to easily prop one onto your desk, plug in and get to work (or play).

All-in-ones come in a variety of flavors. You'll find Android on lower-cost models, Apple's OS X on the premium iMac, and Windows on a wide array of all-in-ones, many of which sport touch screens. Some of these computers double as giant tablets that the entire family can enjoy in lay-flat mode, while others, like HP's upcoming Pavilion All-in-One, have nearly bezel-less displays and hidden privacy cameras. Here are the best all-in-ones in every category.

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