Microsoft Retiring Windows Live Messenger March 15th

With Microsoft's acquirement of Skype, there was no longer any need for Microsoft's proprietary instant messaging service Windows Messenger Live.

Back in November 2012, Microsoft confirmed that after over 13 years of service, Windows Messenger Live was to be canned in favor of the more popular video chat service.

Microsoft recently sent out an email to Messenger users that the service will be shutting down on Mar. 15th, sans China (presumably because the IM service is still very popular there.) Microsoft has encouraged all Messenger users to move over to Skype.

However, this simply means that the Messenger service itself will no longer connect to the network. However, Messenger users will still be able to log in using Skype via their Messenger login details. XMPP support will be shutting off in Oct. 2013 and the final death knell for Messenger won't ring until Mar. 2014, when the network will actually be shut off.

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  • paradigital
    That would be lovely if it weren't for the fact that Skype's IM is fundamentally flawed and full of bugs. Case in point is the random way it tags incoming messages with a timestamp. I've (within the last 15 minutes) recieved a message that got stamped with a time over an hour out of date.

    This means that "new" messages can appear half way through a conversation and are an utter pain to find,

    I'm all for progress, but retiring a platform when the alternative isn't ready is just stupid.
  • jerrspud
    Remember when AOL IM was the best? Goodbye MSN Messenger
  • Soda-88
    Wish they'd add good features from MSN to Skype such as mail notification, custom emoticons, picture sharing, etc... I'm still using WLM 2009 (14.0) because of the interface in the latest version is even worse than Skype's.
    Guess one can hope for skin support... If only it had Steam messenger's UI :(