Report: Apple to Launch a Less Expensive iPhone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, according to their inside sources, Apple is working on a cheaper version of the iPhone. There's no reason for excitement just yet, as Gizmodo points out, this is the second time that WSJ is reporting this rumor. The first time the rumor came around was in February 2011, when the Journal detailed the N97—a phone built out of polycarbonate plastic that was supposed to be half the size and cost of the iPhone 4.

This time, the rumor's not much different: "While Apple has explored such a device for years," wrote the Journal. "The plan is progressing and a less expensive version of its flagship device could launch later this year…"

The journal points to myriad ways that Apple could cut costs on this cheaper alternative, including the use of polycarbonate plastic (as mentioned in the previous rumor) or by recycling parts from older models.

With rising competition from Android phones—which offer much cheaper alternatives than the iPhone, no less—it makes sense that Apple needs a cheaper alternative. However, Gizmodo raises the very valid point that Apple's older models, which are still readily available and aren't a bad alternative, can be considered the cheaper iPhone 5.

Still, Apple launched the iPad mini to compete with the 7-inch tablet market, so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that it may offer a more affordable version of the iPhone to wage war with Android.


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  • zzz_b
    You can buy an iPhone 4 for $50. Why would you need a cheaper one with even more outdated hardware? Does not make any sense to me!
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  • sacre
    Both Apple users and Samsung users are just users of that phone.

    But those who bash another company - are simply fanboys/girls of their current phone brand.

    I am using an iphone 4S right now as my main, its quick, has a smooth interface, does what I need it to do. I don't load things on it so its still got 11GB free of its 16, I don't take thousands of pictures, videos, I don't download thousands of apps, I don't need any of that.

    I just need it to text, make calls, check email, and occasionally provide me with entertainment while I wait.

    My next phone will probably be a Galaxy S4, why? Because I want to try something new. I've tried previous Android devices and the interface is far from being smooth. You can have all the hardware in the world but if the interface is shit, or slow, unresponsive, or "locks up" then i'm not going to enjoy the phone. The Galaxy S3 is a nice one, hence why i'm going to grab the S4 when it is released.

    Till then, According to children and neckbeared overweight individuals that think they are highly educated from their google degree and slight knowledge in computers - I am an "iSheep".

    As for this article? Stupid. They will make it with crap hardware then release another version with "upgraded hardware, faster!" 6 months down the road and up the price and people will buy.
  • zzz_b
    You can buy an iPhone 4 for $50. Why would you need a cheaper one with even more outdated hardware? Does not make any sense to me!
  • blackjackcf
    zzz_bYou can buy an iPhone 4 for $50. Why would you need a cheaper one with even more outdated hardware? Does not make any sense to me!

    It's why I'm not personally investing too much into the validity of the article. However, WSJ seems quite keen on it happening. And with Apple sacrificing the quality of their product to make an iPad mini, I'm not so sure that Apple won't be willing to do the same with the iPhone.

    But yeah, you can get an iPhone 4 for free if you just sign a contract. Leaps and years ahead as a phone for the free alternatives I got.

    - Catherine Cai