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From the biggest gadgets from Apple and Samsung to innovations created by crowdfunded startups, get all the latest gadget news right here.

reviews - NOVEMBER 25 1

Tom's Guide's readers name their top tech products of 2014, including best smartphone, tablet, laptop, streaming device, gaming mouse, DSLR and more.

news - NOVEMBER 6 2

Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker that answers voice commands via a built-in virtual assistant.

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news - OCTOBER 22 15

Hendo Hover is making the hoverboard real, with a Kickstarter project that could someday let you unleash your inner Marty McFly.

Tutorial - NOVEMBER 14

‘Jetpack Joyride’ is a side scrolling endless runner packed with achievements. The "Another Way...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 23 0

Bluetooth wireless technology has been around for a long time, giving designers plenty of opportunities to put it in the weirdest places...

picture story - APRIL 29 0

Equip your favorite graduate with the gadgets and gizmos they'll need to survive in college and/or the real world.

picture story - MARCH 10 0

From a virtual-reality headset that lets you "punch" sharks to scratch-and-sniff apps, here are our favorite finds from SXSW 2014.

picture story - JANUARY 7 2

This year's CES consumer electronics show has barely kicked off, yet we've already come up with some favorites. Here's the best of Day One.

news - DECEMBER 6 0

Singtrix, a new karaoke machine from the creators of "Guitar Hero," can strip the vocals from any song and add harmonies on the fly.

news - AUGUST 18 8

An LA-based street artist pranks Best Buy with fake 'gadgets.'

news - FEBRUARY 6 36

Apple is reportedly increasing its PR as it finally feels the heat emanating from rivals Google, Samsung and others.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 1

Here's something they don't teach you at Hogwarts!

news - DECEMBER 8 38

The Traxxas XO-1 is just 27 inches long, but draws from full-scale supercar technologies to hit speeds of 100 MPH.

news - JUNE 11 35

Many enter debt to pay for the latest techie toy. But technology is a two-edged sword that can also help us save money.

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