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3D Printing


Get the latest news on 3D printing and the maker movement, plus buying advice for 3D printers and useful 3D printing templates and projects.


What’s the best 3D printer on the market? It depends on your needs. We recommend the best 3D printers for your skills, aspirations and budget.


The LulzBot Mini justifies its price with high quality, easy operation and support for a wide range of materials.

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Downloads for 3D Printing

software editor's choice
  • Mobile 3d Laser Scanner Lite - free

    3D scanning made easy with Mobile 3d Laser Scanner Lite for the iPhone.

    available for : iphone os
  • Augment - 3D - free

    Let your products on print come alive on your Android with Augment - 3D.

    available for : android
  • Soda PDF 3D Reader (Windows 8) - free

    Read your PDF files with ease on your Windows 8 with Soda PDF 3D Reader.

    available for : windows
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news - APRIL 23 0

3D printing has gone beyond DIY boxes churning out lumpy plastic. New tech enables user-friendly printers and objects you'll actually want.

news - MARCH 18 0

The Carbon3D uses a sophisticated combination of light and liquid resin to create objects much faster than traditional 3D printing.

reviews - MARCH 17 1

With layers failing to stick to the print bed or each other, the majority of prints failed, and we cannot recommend this device to anyone.

news - FEBRUARY 23 5

Looking to join the 3D-printer revolution? We help you choose the right 3D printer for your needs and budget.

reviews - JANUARY 16 1

3D Systems' Cube 3 offers simple 3D printing in two colors at once. Quality varies, though, and the print material is unusually expensive.

news - JANUARY 16 0

Currently on Indiegogo, the Protocycler is a device that turns botched 3D-print jobs and recyclables into new 3D printing filament.

news - JANUARY 15 0

A designer has created 3D-printed Roman armor and a chariot for Barbie dolls, now available on Kickstarter. Cat sold separately.

news - JANUARY 13 0

What's a 3D selfie? With services like Artec's Shapify booth, you can scanned, and the digital model generated can be 3D printed.

news - JANUARY 12 0

Debuting at CES this year, the CocoJet 3D printer from 3DSystems prints well-defined objects in milk chocolate.

news - JANUARY 8 1

Its easy setup, simple software and $599 price make the Solidoodle Press a great 3D printer for beginners.

news - JANUARY 8 0

3D printer maker has unveiled both a petite budget model and a larger second-generation printer. Each can use a wide range of materials.

news - JANUARY 7 0

Appreciate the Afinia things in life with the new Afinia H800, a 3D printer with a built-in HEPA air filter to minimize printing smells.

news - JANUARY 7 0

The new Lulzbot Mini 3D printer puts the quality of the Lulzbot TAZ in a smaller, portable frame.

news - JANUARY 7 0

With its lighter design and faster cooling system, the 3Doodler 2.0 lets users "draw" beautiful 3D designs and sculptures into being.

news - JANUARY 6 0

Ultimaker will launch bigger and smaller versions of its open-source 3D printer: Ultimaker Extended, and Ultimaker Go.

news - JANUARY 5 1

Pen meets 3D printer with the 3Doodler 2.0, which lets you 'draw' 3D objects in 3D-printing plastic.

news - JANUARY 5 0

From entry-level to professional-quality to sugary-sweet, XYZPrinting has a 3D printer for everyone at CES this year.

news - JANUARY 5 0

Using a 3DSystems' Haptic 3D Stylus, you'll actually feel imaginary objects.

reviews - DECEMBER 18 0

The Ultimaker 2 is a well-built, sophisticated 3D printer that produces high-quality prints in a variety of materials. But it isn't cheap.

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