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Xbox One Drops to $350 (Again)

If you bought an Xbox One sometime in the last two weeks, I've got bad news for you: You're out a cool $50. Following its extremely successful promotional holiday pricing, Microsoft has decided to drop the Xbox One to $350 again, possibly for good this time.

Microsoft detailed its plan on the Xbox Wire blog, which explained that it had a "record-breaking" holiday season in terms of Xbox One sales. Granted, the Xbox One has only been available for two holiday seasons, and it's easy to believe that it sold better this time around, costing $150 less than when it first launched and with enough supplies to meet consumer demand.

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The Xbox One usually costs $400 (without its Kinect motion control peripheral, which bumps the cost up to $500), but you could pick one up in December 2014 for just $350. The promotion ended at the beginning of 2015, but Microsoft liked it (and its associated sales) so much, that the price is back. As Xbox Wire does not mention how long the promotion will last this time, it will probably be a long one.

Microsoft tends to be very cagey when it comes to console sale numbers, but generally speaking, while the Xbox One sold better during the holiday season, Sony's PlayStation 4 has had better lifetime sales so far. Whether Sony will want to follow suit in terms of pricing is hard to say; at the moment, it doesn't appear to need to.

For those who read to the end of the post, Microsoft had some cryptic but potentially promising things to say about PC gaming as well. Claiming that "the Xbox experience isn't limited just to the console," the company wants to incorporate some Xbox features into gaming PCs and Windows 10. Fans can expect to learn more at a Windows event on January 21.

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  • andrerichards
    I might consider one if it's $0. After dealing with the endless cluster**** of the XBox 360 hardware failures, I'm not surprised people are avoiding the XBox One like the plague. Microsoft doesn't know how to make hardware. Period. It's no surprise this turkey system isn't selling. PS4 is outselling it at a rate of 3-to-1 and even the Wii U (largely considered a failure) is keeping pace with XBox One sales. You blew your customers' good will with the 360, Microsoft. Go away.