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Assange: Wikileaks Loses $935,000 Every Week

According to Assange, the site is bleeding about $935,000 every week since the release of the diplomatic cables late last year.

He did not explain how Wikileaks is currently being financed, but referred to "financial troubles" and the fact that he did not and could not touch has not touched any of the rumored $2.3 million that was reportedly offered for his autobiography. This number may not be correct anyway as Assange noted that he could earn $1.7 million within a few years, if the book turned out to be a great success.

Despite the financial issues and the fact that Assange cannot move from his current location, Wikileaks is apparently running "almost as before." He said that he feels like a "caged bird."

As for a future leak that will affect banks, Assange told 24 heures that "Bank of America is visibly concerned." Apparently, there was a crisis meeting to review all records. However, the Wikileaks founder said that the documents will not be released in the immediate future as he has "too much to do" with the diplomatic cables.