The Best Shows That Are Leaving BBC iPlayer Soon


UPDATE: May 10 - Make sure you don’t miss this week’s documentary additions - one tackling the complex subject of Julian Assange, and the other on the far simpler subject of death, guided by Miriam Margolyes. Have a look at them and our other choices of expiring BBC iPlayer highlights below.

In recent iPlayer news, the BBC has now submitted plans to Ofcom, the UK broadcast media regulator, concerning a potential increase to the length of time shows can stay on iPlayer before they have to be taken down. Ofcom’s going to examine the proposals and if we’re lucky, it will permit the BBC’s streaming platform to keep programmes around for longer, giving it a better chance at competing with Netflix and other streaming services.

We’ll be sure to update you when that happens, but in the meantime, have a look at what’s interesting and about to be removed from iPlayer this week.

Julian Assange: Risk - Expires May 16

Credit: NeonCredit: NeonIn the wake of his arrest and sentencing, you might want to rewatch this documentary on Julian Assange and his activities with WikiLeaks to understand what lead him to hide in the Ecuadorian Embassy for so long. It’s a couple of years old now, but it still manages to capture most of the important parts of the story until the present day.

Mirian’s Dead Good Adventure - First episode expires May 21

Credit: Wild PicturesCredit: Wild PicturesMiriam Margolyes wants to learn about death in this two-part series. The acclaimed actress looks at how people around the world react to facing the final curtain: those who look to scientific research that will prolong or halt the aging process, those who turn to religion to seek meaning before they die, and some who are at peace with things and instead do what they can to prepare themselves and the ones they love for the inevitable. It’s a heavy subject, but Margolyes does her best to make it feel lighter.

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The Mighty Boosh - First series expires May 21

Credit: Baby Cow ProductionsCredit: Baby Cow ProductionsAll three series of this surreal comedy can be watched online. but the first series is due to disappear soon. In theory, the eight episodes of this season take place in a zoo, with zookeepers Howard Moon and Vince Noir dealing with the various problems that come up . However, with constantly changing settings, the introduction of new bizarre characters, and the show's signature acapella improvisations, known as 'crimps', The Mighty Boosh will always surprise you.

Blackadder II - Expires May 23

Credit: BBCCredit: BBCIn the court of Queen Elizabeth I, Lord Blackadder, the latest in a long line of Blackadders, is still the only smart man in a room full of idiots. Elizabeth is immature, the Lord Chamberlain is a fawning sycophant, and Blackadder’s only friends are an airheaded member of the aristocracy, Lord Percy Percy, and his equally foolish servant Baldrick. All the same, Blackadder plots in numerous ways to win the favour of the queen.

Bluestone 42 - Expires May 29

Credit: BBC ProductionsCredit: BBC ProductionsOperating out of an Afghanistan base, Bluestone 42 is a bomb disposal squad that sometimes has to perform complex disposals in dangerous situations, but also finds time to muck around back at the camp. There’s a mix of silly and dark humour along with the completely serious military activities the squad is shown undertaking, giving the whole show an interesting balance.