The best shows that are leaving BBC iPlayer soon


UPDATE: March 22 - The Long Song is now no longer on iPlayer, so we've removed it from this list. There's also two more entries newly added this week.

Nothing stays forever on iPlayer. Fortunately, the BBC’s streaming service always makes it clear when a certain show is going to disappear. Here’s some things you should immediately view before they disappear, as well as some longer term box-sets for you to either rapidly binge-watch or slowly work on as the countdown to expiry ticks on.

Bodyguard - Expires Mar. 23

Credit: ITV Studios Global EntertainmentCredit: ITV Studios Global EntertainmentIf you didn’t see the BBC’s biggest drama of last year, you still have a little time left to do so. Police Sergeant David Budd is given the assignment of protecting the UK Home Secretary, Julia Montague, an MP trying to pass a controversial piece of surveillance legislation. With her life under threat, Montague and Budd are frequently in close proximity, changing their relationship into something that causes problems for him and the whole government.

Oscar Winners: A Secrets of Cinema Special - Expires Mar. 23

Credit: BBCCredit: BBCFilm critic Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema is a great series exploring the development of several major genres of movies through time. This special episode has a slightly different question however: what’s the formula for Academy Award success? Kermode argues that it’s a mix of topic, style and quality of performance, backing this up with historic and modern examples.

Pls Like - Series 2 expires Mar. 23

Credit: Shiny Button ProductionsCredit: Shiny Button ProductionsComedy series following online influencers and celebrities. Each episode follows a different section of the community, from vlogging to make-up to fitness, and how the different channels interact with each other as friends and rivals seeking more and more viewers.

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Class - Series expires Mar. 27

Credit: BBC WorldwideCredit: BBC WorldwideCoal Hill School is the place where Doctor Who began back in the 1960s, and now the school has its own spin-off, with four sixth-formers and a teacher enlisted by the Doctor to protect the school. This isn’t like the weekend prime-time adventures you’re used to though. Stuck on Earth, our heroes have to deal with their normal lives far more, as well as suffer greater consequences for crossing paths with extraterrestrial danger.

Call the Midwife - Series 8 expires Apr. 2

Credit: All3MediaCredit: All3MediaThe well loved period drama about midwives working in mid-20th century London has seen many changes over its eight seasons, the most recent being defined by a rise in abortions in the local area and shake-ups to the leadership of the nursing convent. Of course, this is on top of the usual never-ending work of delivering babies and ensuring their and the parents’ well-being.

The Mighty Boosh - Series expires April

Credit: Baby Cow ProductionsCredit: Baby Cow ProductionsNoel Fielding is more often seen in the Great British Bake Off tent these days, but he first appeared on television in this surreal comedy, all three series of which can be watched online. Constantly changing settings, introducing new bizarre characters, or just breaking into acapella tunes while staring death in the face, The Mighty Boosh will always surprise you.