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Smart Wearables Fuse Data-Driven Health With Designer Fashion [Sponsored]

Data rules. Most of the time, though, we don’t stop to think about what data can do for us on a personal level.Data fuels Facebook’s and Google’s very existence. Data enables Amazon to sell you ever more (and more satisfying) stuff. Businesses use big data to identify trends and intelligently set goals. Fortunately, you can employ the same tactics and wield data to jump-start an effective exercise regimen.

Health and fitness stopped being about improved pace per mile or an additional set of burpees a long time ago. Thanks to modern multisport watches, muscular determination now unites with data; better still, these watches put an end to manual logging and number-crunching. A capable rugged outdoor wearable changes the game so you can change yourself.

Numbers That Add Up

You know the old saying “Don’t work harder; work smarter.” The right smartwatch feels a little like strapping the world’s smartest personal trainer to your wrist. Garmin’s fēnix 3 series offers an uncompromising sports training watch packed with an assortment of tools to measure and track exercise, sports, and an assortment of outdoor activities.

Start with your fitness objectives. Perhaps this is the year you graduate from half marathons to the full 26.2, or maybe you need to shave time off the swimming portion of your triathlon splits. Of course, your goal needn’t be IRONMAN levels of ambitious. Reaching a healthy weight works just as well. Once you have established your goals, you can identify and track the metrics necessary to reach them. Aside from the thrill of having a better grasp of your progress, experts stress that activity tracking forms habits, vital to maintain momentum and accountability in pursuit of your goals.

The genius of an effective wearable is twofold. First, the fēnix 3 captures a mass of data. It measures your pace, and with Virtual Pacer it compares your current pace to your target. Using the fēnix 3 HR with wrist-based heart rate monitor, and you gain access to BPM, heart rate variability, VO2 max, cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. Swimmers tell the fēnix 3 the size of the pool they’re swimming in, and the multisport watch grabs data for distance, pace, stroke count, and even stroke type. Open water swim metrics are available, too. 

An ideal multisport watch pushes you toward your goals after you’ve left the gym, hopped off the bike, or finished on the slopes. When data junkies sync the fēnix 3 with Garmin Connect, they unlock a wealth of features to stay laser-focused on reaching the next plateau. Garmin Connect aggregates data from the fēnix 3 and then presents everything necessary to analyze performance and plan for future success. Get maps of your routes (including heat maps of traffic on a given route, courses other Garmin Connect users have created, and performance metrics of other athletes who previously tackled a route), view dozens of automatically generated reports (average lap pace, monthly mileage and cadence, average heart rate vs. average pace, etc.), and create a training calendar. It’s a virtual coach that doesn’t cost a dime.

Garmin Connect goes beyond data, too. When a chorus of fitness pros insist on accountability as a cornerstone for success, adding a social element to your workouts aids you as much as the volumes of data the fēnix 3 collects. Garmin Connect gives you options. The service hooks into Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, so your training partners can spur you on, or you can join Garmin Connect’s community of like-minded athletes. Whether you have a new PR in your crosshairs or find your commitment flagging, Garmin Connect’s social capabilities can re-energize you.

Brains For Your Brawn

You understand from years of computer, tablet, and smartphone buying that more powerful devices deliver real-world results. The fēnix 3 shares a place in this device spectrum. Garmin here combines an abundance of fitness and personal health data with a best-in-class multisport GPS smartwatch. The watch’s omnidirectional EXO stainless steel antenna receives both GPS and GLONASS positional signals for unparalleled location accuracy. Auto-calibrated ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) sensors in the fēnix 3 put in you in control of your outdoor adventures. Imagine venturing off a well-worn mountain trail and confronting the wilderness head-on. The altimeter gives you accurate elevation data for your ascent/descent, while the barometer provides a real-time picture of potential weather changes by displaying short-term air pressure trends.

Indeed, nature is second nature for the fēnix 3. The 218 x 218 transflective MIP Garmin Chroma display measures 1.2 inches and remains visible on clear days under bright sunlight. Ringed with a stainless steel bezel and wrapped in a reinforced housing, the fēnix 3 stands up to extreme conditions, including water pressure equivalent to 100m depth. The fēnix 3 boasts a battery life of 50 hours in UltraTrac mode, up to 20 hours in GPS training mode, and up to six weeks in watch mode. No matter where your training takes you, the fēnix 3 is there with you every step of the way (and counting those steps, too).

High-Tech Meets High Fashion

Years ago, outdoor GPS watches could get away with looking more like a Leatherman than a luxury timepiece. In an era of convergence, though, no one has the patience or lack of taste to tote wristwear like that. Hence, Garmin also built the fēnix 3 series to be fashion-forward wearables for work, working out, or play. The fēnix 3 HR with wrist-based heart rate arrives in industrially sleek black and PVD-stainless steel, built for as much for back woods as boardrooms. The standard fēnix 3 comes in gray with a durable, scratch-resistant, crystal and black band; silver with a red band; and the Mercedes S-Class version: a premium sapphire watch with a stainless steel band and sapphire lens.

Plug into Garmin’s Connect IQ store and transform the fēnix 3 to fit your personal tastes. Get custom watch faces, apps, and widgets to make the fēnix 3 your own. It’s a style upgrade and GPS training watch for any occasion.