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TomTom Go 910's Coming With Complimentary Trojan Horse

If you're into GPS navigation then you might want to keep an eye out for a bad batch of TomTom Go 910's which have shipped with their very own complimentary Trojan Horse preinstalled.

While we quite like the TomTom, Trojan horses are less highly rated on our wishlist of "Things to play with"; somewhere in between "Unscrew a hot lightbulb" and "Spend a day with the in-laws." The affected units were manufactured in October 2006, and are running version 6.51 of the TomTom software, the company said in a statement.

The Trojan will use Windows AutoRun to enable other malicous software if it makes contact with your PC, though antivirus scanners have had this particular Trojan on their radars since June of 2006; which begs the question as to what antivirus they're using over at TomTom.

Still, look on the bright side: At least no evil virtuoso has figured out a way to hijack the actual GPS system, lest we all be condemed to driving around in circles and, eventually, into rivers.