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Kisai RPM Concept Now a Reality

Tokyoflash Japan, as we've said countless times before, love to make crazy-looking watches. But if there's anything weirder than the timepieces they're selling, it's the concepts that fans post on their blog. The designs range from Tron-like to taking inspiration from the Roman legion.

One particular concept has finally made it to production. It's called the RPM, and was initially submitted by James Fursedon. Young James impressed his fellow Tokyoflash enthusiasts with his idea so much, the company decided to manufacture the watch for real.

The RPM will be released under the Kisai line, best known for the hallucinogenic Wasted. It's a lot readable than its headtrip-induced brother-in-wrist, though. The inner ring represents hours, the outer 5-minute intervals. Four dots at the top take care of minutes one to four.

If you're a young designer like James and have just recently ingested a bad batch of peyote, put that to good use and submit a design to Tokyoflash. You'll never know when you'll be the next guy who gets to share his insanity with the rest of the world.

[source: Tokyoflash Japan]