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Good Deal? T-Mobile Will Pay Half of Your Pixel's Price

Verizon may be the only carrier directly offering Google's Pixel phones, but that's not stopping T-Mobile from trying to win over Pixel users. Google is also selling the phone unlocked, and if you bring one of its models to the Uncarrier, you'll get $325 back on the original purchase price.

Before you plan on spending all that money at once, understand that it's coming to you in the form of a monthly credit on your T-Mobile bill, and the carrier is spreading out the rebate over 24 months. That works out to a $13.55 credit each month for the next two years.

Still, that's nothing to sneeze at. With the Pixel starting at $649 for a 32GB version, you're essentially getting back half the cost — even if that is spread out over time. T-Mobile says the offer applies to either the Pixel or Pixel XL, though the total $325 credit remains the same, regardless of which model you bring over to the carrier.

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Unlocked Pixel phones will get their security and system updates from Google, while Verizon handles system updates for the Pixels that it sells. Verizon says that it will roll out Android updates at the same time that owners of unlocked Pixels get their system updates, removing one of the major concerns about buying a Pixel through Verizon.

The Verizon version of the Pixel will have a unlockable bootloader, preventing you from modifying your phone, and will also ship with three Verizon apps preinstalled. Unlocked Pixels won't feature any additional software.

T-Mobile's other appeal is its $70-a-month unlimited data plan, though that plan comes with a cap on the resolution at which you can watch streaming video. (T-Mobile's $70 unlimited plan streams all video at 480p, which the carrier argues is clear enough on smartphone-sized screens.) To watch streams at up to to 4K, you'd have to opt for T-Mobile's $95-a-month unlimited plan or buy a $3 HD Day Pass.

The supply of unlocked Pixels is somewhat tight at the moment. As of this writing, the Pixel XL is out of stock at the Google Store, and the 32GB Pixel is only available in silver. Black and silver models of the 128GB version are both available.

If it's money and not carrier that matters most to you, note that Verizon is offering a trade-in deal for its Pixel. Turn in your old phone and you can get up to $300 in credit paid out over 24 months.

T-Mobile starts offering Pixel discounts tomorrow (Oct. 28).