The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy

Inside The iPod

We gave you a brief glimpse of the outer design of the iPod. But what does the inside of the iPod look like? Due to iPod's design being rooted in off-the-shelf components, its compact inside is more of a marvel than its outside appearance. We do not encourage disassembly of your iPod, as if you do so, it will void the iPod warranty. Also, the iPod was not designed to be disassembled and put back together like a Lego product, and taking an iPod apart without destroying it is no small feat.

The metal back of the iPod is attached quite securely. In order disassemble the unit, you first have to slide off the plastic front until you are able to remove the metal back by taking it off one of the longer sides.

This shows the iPod, which now is a compact package consisting of the PCB, the hard drive and the battery which is visible on the top. Photo courtesy of Harald van Arkel .

The lithium polymer battery by Sony is one of the key features of the iPod. Lithium polymer battery technology has the ability to be formed into just about any shape, and does not suffer from the chemical reactions that are found in other battery technologies. This advantage gives the iPod the ability to last ten hours from a single charge.

As you can see in this photo, being able to mold the battery to fit over the top of the hard drive in the iPod gives it a clear advantage, reducing the overall size of the unit. Photo courtesy of Harald van Arkel .

The lithium polymer battery that powers the iPod is replaceable. Although that process isn't simple, Apple's choice of using connectors to detach it from the unit shows that it is possible. The iPod uses the Sony UP325385 A4H lithium polymer battery that Sony claims will last more than 500 charging cycles. According to the information we were able to find on the UP325385 A4H, you should never let the battery drain completely down, and you should top off the charge frequently. We were not able to locate a source for purchasing a replacement battery for use with the correct connector, so we can't estimate how much a replacement battery will cost. However, due to the special technology that is used, it is most likely that it will not be inexpensive.

Here is the Sony UP325385 A4H lithium polymer battery that is used in the iPod. Note that the connector that is used to attach the battery to the iPod can be replaced, but we have not been able to locate the battery with the correct connector. Photo courtesy of Harald van Arkel .
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