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Teen Kidnapped at Gunpoint, Forced to Buy PS3

The new cheaper, slimmer PS3 has made many consumers more attracted to and willing to buy it. But if police reports are to be believed, one teen was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to purchase one for his assailant.

Naples Daily News reports that Kyle Yarkosky, 18, alleged that David Daniels, 18, along with another "Asian-looking man," whom were supposedly both armed with assault rifles, kidnapped him.

The two men hit Yarkosky over the head and demanded he hand over his money. Yarkosky was then taken to his home where he was forced to take his stepfather's credit card and jewellery, then driven to Wal-Mart where he was to buy his kidnappers a shotgun.

When the men found out that the gun counter was closed, Yarkosky was forced to buy a PS3 Slim instead. After the console was purchase, Yarkosky was free to go.

Surveillance video from Wal-Mart showed Yarkosky and Daniels walking through the store together and later video taken from outside showed Yarkosky seeking help from strangers after Daniels left. Read more here.

  • cheepstuff
    one would think the kidnappers would be happy enough with their assalt rifles.
  • cekasone
    dude so, they took the kid to his house to get his dad's credit card. why didn't he try to defend himself while inside, or did they follow him inside his house. either way, fucked up way to get a ps3.
  • Zoonie
    'PS3 - eight out of ten robbers say they prefer it..' :P hehe
  • officeguy
    Hmmmm, should have bought them the Wii.
  • FriendlyFire
    officeguyHmmmm, should have bought them the Wii.
    Too risky. He could've used the zapper, y'know.
  • lucky015
    Sounds like some idiots excuse for why he used his stepfather's credit card to buy a PS3
  • Euphoria_MK
    Well teh actually preferred the shotgun, but since the counter was closed the went for the PS3, lol....
  • nekatreven
    lucky015Sounds like some idiots excuse for why he used his stepfather's credit card to buy a PS3
    Yea cause that closed circuit surveillance showing the kid getting drug around walmart just isn't to be trusted.
  • Raidur
    I totally agree with you luck015. Why the hell would they only buy a PS3 when they obviously wanted money...? I would buy all the systems/games available and more, milking all the money I could.

    Criminals these days...
  • acecombat
    This is starting to sound a bit like the chick that got her face tattooed with stars...