Tablo Four-Tuner Box Streams Live and Recorded TV

Aereo fans are understandably crestfallen that the network TV streaming service is not long for this world, but there are still plenty of other ways to watch live programming on your computer, mobile device or streaming box. A company called Tablo (which sometimes goes by Nuvyyo) recently announced a $300 DVR box with four tuners, allowing users to watch or record four different over-the-air broadcast channels of live TV simultaneously.

The Tablo 4-Tuner DVR for Over-the-Air HDTV is mostly what the name sounds like, with a twist: Rather than connecting directly to your TV, it streams video over your Wi-Fi network to any connected devices, such as tablets, PCs or smartphones. To get TV programs to your TV, you need to send the video to a Chromecast or Roku set-top box or to an Apple TV using AirPlay from an iPad. As such, it's almost identical to Tablo's original two-tuner model. Users connect an HD antenna to a Tablo box and attach any USB hard drive, which they have to purchase on their own, to store recordings.

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Adding two more tuners, all powered from one antenna, is a helpful innovation, particularly for full households where people may want to watch several different programs. The channels you can access depend, of course, on your geographic location and proximity to a broadcast tower.

At Tablo's booth during the recent CE Week in New York City, we observed two simultaneous livestreams of the United States vs. Germany World Cup game: Both looked good and displayed without any hiccups. The interface for watching live TV and recording desired programs is clean and easy to navigate, both on large TV screens and small smartphones.

The four-tuner DVR costs $300, compared to $220 for the two-tuner model. Users will also need a Tablo Electronic Program Guide subscription to access all of the product's features, including watching content on devices outside of a home network. This costs $5 per month, $50 annually, or $150 for a lifetime subscription.

Tablo's four-tuner DVR isn't anything drastically different from the company's previous offerings, but it could prove useful for homes with a lot of people — or for individuals with a lot of TV to watch. The device is available for purchase now on the Tablo website.

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