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Surface Phone Could Double as Projector

Remember those Surface Phone rumors? Microsoft's next flagship phone could still be happening, and it might sport a built-in projector to boot.

Microsoft's Lumia 950. Photo: Samuel C. Rutherford / Tom's Guide

Microsoft's Lumia 950. Photo: Samuel C. Rutherford / Tom's Guide

According to a Chinese website leak that was screengrabbed by Twitter user WalkingCat, the long-rumored Surface Phone could pack the ability to project onto a wall in order to be used as a desktop. This would essentially build on the Continuum feature introduced on phones such as the Lumia 950 -- except instead of having to plug your phone into a monitor to use it as a PC, you can simply beam it to the wall.

The text notes that the Surface Phone would only function for more than an hour in this mode, which is understandable given the battery constraints of a phone.

This leak also hints at Surface Pen support, which could help it compete with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 when it comes to courting folks who like to draw and jot down notes on their phones. There's also mention of multiple Surface Phone models as well as a Qualcomm Snapdragon power, though no specific chip is named.

It's hard to tell how legitimate these rumors are, but a projector-based Surface Phone could help Microsoft achieve the phone-as-PC hybrid vision that it's been talking about since Windows 10 first debuted. Samsung recently took a stab at turning its new Galaxy S8 into a full computer with its new DeX dock, but we found the Samsung desktop experience to be woefully limited.

The next big smartphone show is Berlin's IFA conference in September, so perhaps we'll see what Microsoft has up its sleeve for mobile by then.

Michael Andronico

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