Star Wars: Force Unleashed II - Lightsaber Action!

We all loved the Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer from E3 this year. It gave us an extra taste of awesome Star Wars action, even though most of the gameplay from the upcoming BioWare MMO won't be like that.

Lightsaber action, however, was one of the focuses of the Force Unleashed game, and there's a sequel coming. The Force Unleashed II plans to be even more dialed up than the first game, and hopefully the CGI trailer released for E3 is a little representative of the upcoming title.

There's a plot spoiler in this trailer that will give away the events in the first Force Unleashed, but if you're not too concerned about that, then go ahead and enjoy some more Star Wars fan service.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II

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  • Kelavarus
    AxielWhat a kick in the nuts for all the SW fans.The force shouldn't be this powerful, Jedi isn't a god and not supposed to have godlike powers.They simply ruined it for me.

    Clearly the Force is weak with this one.
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  • Gigahertz20
    WTF, I thought you could edit messages on here by clicking on "Read the comments on the forums" then clicking on the edit button on your message. I don't see any edit button on the post and yes I am logged in. The only time I want to edit a post and it's not working, ******* great.

    Moderator edit: cool it on the language.
  • bluekoala
    That video is %&#(&%en cool