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Squeezebox For In Home Music Distribution

Where Is My Music?

The Squeezebox was working and it was communicating with the SlimServer, but I was greeted with a "Now Playing: Nothing" message across the beautiful display. From past experience with an earlier version of SlimServer, I remember that this is not uncommon and that I must first turn my attention from the appliance to the browser-based SlimServer before I would be able to hear my music.

I first needed to get the SlimServer to find the location of my music. The first clue to this problem was when I brought up the SlimServer's web-browser interface and looked at the home page: my music library contains "0" albums, artists, and songs.

I would need to tell SlimServer where my music files are located. Opening the Server Settings, I added a path to the directory where I keep my music.

Sounding a bit like Brittany Spears, Slim still didn't like my music folder: