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Speed-Link Triton Headset Does Double Duty

Aural Examination

I'm a man who's very fond of his headphones as readers may remember (Headsets Gamers Can Love). One of the companies featured in that roundup impressed me so much that I've decided to go back and take a look at another one of its offerings.

The Speed-Link Medusa 5.1 headsets impressed me for their chunky and fairly accurate surround sound, but I wanted to see something a little more conventional from Speed-Link to see how they stand up as an all-rounder in the headset market.

Enter the Speed-Link Triton headset, a rather chunky looking set of 3.5 mm pluggable goodness. They're slightly smaller than the Medusas; though they still retain the overall "big" look, especially in the earpieces.

They're not so big that anyone with an average sized head will notice them or be weighted down by their mass, though anyone with a smaller head might encounter some issues while wearing the Tritons.

The usual Speed-Link finish comes with comfortably-padded earphones and a quality microphone, controlled by a volume unit, which includes volume, tone and microphone controls.

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