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Speakal iCrystal is yet Another iPod Dock

The key selling point of the Speakal iCrystal is its unusual speaker configuration and minimal yet flashy styling. The iCrystal's speakers are turned upwards, covered by individual conical covers said to help deliver "360 degrees of sound".

The covers themselves give off an ambient blue lighting, which serves to highlight the exposed speaker hardware. The iCrystal also features "touch" playback and volume controls directly in front of the iPod dock connector, which sits directly between both upturned speakers. On the left side of the product is a 5V DC plug and a 3.5mm auxiliary-in jack, and a switch to toggle between battery (4 x AA) and wall socket power.

The Speakal iCrystal also comes with a remote, and is available in red, silver, and black.

Speakal iCrystal ($80)