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SoundCloud Just Got Way Better for Aspiring DJs, Rappers

Getting your music on SoundCloud is a great way to promote your work, but that still leaves a lot of distance between artists and the DJs who could make them famous. That's where Serato's new partnership between the DJ software kings at Serato is coming in to bridge the gap.

Credit: hurricanehank / Shutterstock

(Image credit: hurricanehank / Shutterstock)

At a private briefing at SoundCloud's NYC headquarters, I got to see how easy it'll be for DJs to toggle through Serato. Once you link your accounts into their app, you see a SoundCloud search field for searching, and a drop-down menu with all of the SoundCloud songs you've like'd over the years.

We tested it out by searching "Blu" for songs by the LA-based indie rapper, and a ton came up, which were as easily dragged and dropped into the virtual DJ mixer experience that Serato DJs use to blend songs.

Credit: SoundCloud

(Image credit: SoundCloud)

This new collaboration opens up the 190 million tracks in SoundCloud's library to users of Serato DJ Pro 2.1 or DJ Lite 1.1, but comes with a single catch. You'll need to subscribe to SoundCloud Go+, a $9.99 per month service.

Prior to today, the biggest reasons to get a SoundCloud Go+ account were similar to those in YouTube Premium: offline listening and no ads. SoundCloud also offers higher quality streams to those paying members.

While SoundCloud's fate was in question earlier this year, improvements such as this — which target demographics underserved by the likes of Spotify — appear to improve its revenue streams.