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Skype for PPC: Free Phone Calls from a Windows Pocket PC?

Multi-Talented PDA

PDA users have known for some time now that the devices are more than just contact database crunchers. The devices of the latest generation also perform very well as mobile audio and video players , and some even offer the option of audio and video streaming . Provided they have integrated WLAN functionality, they also perform marvelously as portable "Web surf stations". They also come in handy as universal IR remote controls to operate audio and video devices. One or two pioneers even offer the functions of a digital camera now.

But how can you use a Windows Pocket PC of the latest generation as a phone? Is it at all possible? Wouldn't that take the sting out of "GSM radio holes", which are found not just in offices, and make the GSM mobile phone a thing of the past?

THG decided this was worth investigating, so we put it all to the test. We will show you: