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Stylish Silver Arrow Watch Lacks Substance

The Silver Arrow concept watch looks like a case of too much emphasis on design, at the cost of practicality. From the Mercedes-Benz logo on the center to the pair of titanium straps that open and close like a car's gullwing doors, the Silver Arrow wins point for its unique design. On the left and right side of the crown are "open" and "close" buttons, which disengage and secure the straps respectively.

We know the Silver Arrow watch is a design exercise, but shouldn't have designer Fabien Cacheux gone the extra mile? He could've made the watch a control platform for the car it was inspired by (the Mercedes-Benz SLS). Instead of controlling that fancy strap arrangement, the buttons could've acted as a keyless entry system for an actual car (and besides, those buttons make it easy to snatch the watch from its unsuspecting wearer, if you move fast enough).

By why stop at door control? High-end Mercedes-Benz models already start at a push of the button, so long as it detects a specially-encoded car on the driver. The Silver Arrow would a great—and definitely—functional replacement for that card. We'd also feel like suggesting adding some real driving controls on the watch, but clearly a wrist-based control scheme can't beat the ol' wheel and pedals.

Watch "Silver Arrow" - GT Series - April 2010 (Google translate)

  • agnickolov
    Somebody's been watching James Bond movies a lot recently... :)
  • weirdguy99
    What boring and useless news.
  • Gin Fushicho
    I want it, looks pretty.
  • Chipi
    Why would the watch act like a key-less entry system when the car already has that via the special card you mentioned YOURSELF?

    Criticism is always good, as long as it ha substance...
  • Pei-chen
    Look into "Pierce Silver Arrow", it make the Mercedes-Benz SLS looks like a cheap Korean knockoff.
  • victomofreality
    I love the look and agree it should replace the auto start cards... would REALLY confuse thieves for a while
  • jeffunit
    Mercedes will have a tough time with repeat customers if it requires "detects a specially-encoded car on the driver".
    Might be had for the drivers health...
  • maestintaolius
    On the plus side, it's the only watch on the market that can be used to slay Ganon.
  • will_chellam
    emphasis of design over practicality.

    So, that's essentially every watch apart from the basic casio £4.99 from argos then? (£5.99 with a backlight) approx 10-year battery life, why would anyone want anything more than that?????
  • Pyroflea
    They should have made it function as the RFID tag for the automatic locking/unlocking of doors, and enabling the push-button ignition. THAT would have been a good idea.