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How to Get Android Pie with OneUI on Your Galaxy S9

Samsung has yet to launch its new software skin for Android, but a small number of users have already installed it on their Galaxy S9.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The new operating system is called OneUI and it's designed to run atop Android Pie. There had been some hope that the operating system skin would be available in December, but according to a report in PocketNow that cites sources close to Samsung, it'll be available worldwide in January.

Samsung shipped this year's flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S9, with its Samsung Experience platform running atop Android Oreo. While that has served the company well — Experience is widely viewed as one of the best in the market — Samsung fans have been clamoring for the OneUI-Android Pie mashup for quite some time.

At its Developers Conference in November, Samsung indicated that OneUI aims at stripping away unnecessary elements and replacing them with those that people are most often looking to use. According to Samsung, OneUI will also make folks more productive.

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In another interesting twist, Samsung said that it felt its operating system would perform better for those using it with one hand. In order to deliver on that promise, however, Samsung was forced to move the actionable area of most OneUI screens towards the center of the handset. The move effectively made it so users wouldn't need to stretch their thumbs to the corners to access functions.

Not surprisingly, people are excited to get their hands on the operating system. And although it's expected to launch in January, PocketNow said some folks are already getting it, including those in some countries across Europe and in the Middle East.

In order to find out if Samsung pushed the update to your phone, check out your changelog and look for build number G960FXXU2CRLI.

If you don't have it yet, don't worry — it's coming soon.

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