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Samsung Burns Apple Fans in Galaxy S II Advertisements

Samsung's Galaxy-line of phones are doing very well, but that sort of success hasn't put out the fire in the Korean company's belly. In a new video ad spot, Samsung takes a very clear shot at Apple's customers who are blindingly loyal and queue up outside stores for days prior to a product launch.

It's a potshot, for sure, but it's so clever at selling a "counter image" that the only product features briefly mentioned are its larger screen, lighter weight, and 4G capabilities. Apple's very successful "1984" ad promoted itself by what it is not, and Samsung is doing the exact same here. This is one of the best ads of the year.

Samsung also goes to promote that the Android Market also has some of the same apps, which could be a big deciding factor when choosing between the two ecosystems.

An extended clip from the full ad also demonstrates that the "reality distortion field" was something that Steve Jobs built into his products.

Of course, this must be tame compared to what's going on between the two companies' legal teams.

  • extremepcs
    "Dude you're a barista" lol
  • eklipz330
    not too juvenile, so i like
  • memadmax
    Don't care.
    It's a phone.
  • ikyung
    In before Apple vs Samsung fanboys battle...
  • ImThat1Guy
    I love the commercial, but you guys are way late. I saw it on Techspot... Wednesday, I think it was, and then during one of the Thanksgiving football games.
  • blubbey
    A noticable yet not an in your face jab at the competiton if you're not paying much attention. Nice. Second video is my favourite.
  • blubbey
  • Parsian
    LOL awesome.
  • NuclearShadow
    I'm no fan of Apple but what Samsung is advertising against is something they would themselves envy and desire. Do you really think they would be making this ad or mocking the consumerist fan-boy behavior if they too had the popularity and sales in the same manner that Apple does?
  • I've met people like this. They envy what you have, but will never admit it.

    However, when it comes to android/iphone it is often best to stick with the OS that you already have. At least if you have a decent enough investment in apps. It doesn't make sense to throw away all of those purchases. Now if I were recommending which phone to get to someone who hasn't had either yet I would recommend the following:


    Not that I hate iOS, but Android has the most flexibility and Win7 is actually really good (I'm serious people, check it out).