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These Smart Skis Analyze Your Schussing

Fancy yourself the next Lindsay Vonn, but can't afford a personal trainer? Rossignol and PiQ have teamed up to create what they call the world's first "smart ski," which has a built-in nano computer that will analyze your style, and then feed the results to an LED display on the front of the skis.

Dubbed the Hero Master, these smart skis were shown as a prototype this week at ISPO 2017, a sporting goods trade show in Munich.

The Hero Master skis deliver data in real time. Credit: PIQ

(Image credit: The Hero Master skis deliver data in real time. Credit: PIQ)

PiQ and Rossignol already sell the PiQ Robot, a $198 sensor that straps onto your ski boot. Through a smartphone app, it breaks down stats including the angle of your turns, speed, turn rate, g-force, and jumps. The Hero Master skis embed that technology into the ski itself—called GAIA Intelligence—and show the skier in real-time how well they're doing via an LED display.

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PIQ has applied its motion-detecting sensors, which it calls Robots, for a number of different sports, including boxing, golf, tennis, even kiteboarding, but all of these devices have been add-ons. Integrating the PIQ Robot directly into a ski, and coupling it with a digital readout, takes it a step or two further.

However, having the display so close to the front binding could be an issue—it's not a wise idea to look directly down, rather than straight ahead, when you're cruising down a mountain.

Currently, the Hero Master skis are only in the prototype phase, but Rossignol and PiQ plan to release production models some time in the near future. Pricing, too, has yet to be determined, but it's a good bet they won't be cheap.