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Romain Jerome Watch Stuck in 1800s

We've talked at length before on the vintage charm of faux-Victorian Age tech, be they turntables, headphones or USB drives. We've even featured a couple of Industrial Revolution-era styled watches as well, so you might be asking, what does Romain Jerome's latest timepiece bring to the table? Well, for starters, it's right there in the name: It's the Romain Jerome Steampunk Watch.

The Steampunk takes its cues from another Romain Jerome watch, the Titanic-DNA Tourbillion. While there are similarities, the Steampunk does away with things like the tourbillion escapement and the gaudy stones lining the rust-finished rim. Don't think that makes it any less expensive though, as it'll set you back $13,000. You didn't expect anything less than antique prices for antique looks, did you?

[source: A Blog to Read]