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Phosphor's e-Ink Watch

Wristwatches wouldn't be the first thing on your mind when you think of e-Ink, but it does make sense. E-ink's main traits -- flexibility, low power consumption, and of course not getting washed out in bright light -- are the same kind of things you'd want in a watch. Hence, Phosphor's line of timepieces with e-Ink displays.

Their flagship watch, shown here, is the World Time Curved e-Ink Watch. That's a pretty descriptive name, as that's exactly what this watch does. It exploits e-Ink flexibility to provide a watch face that follows the curve of your wrist, and it also displays the time in several countries, although the wrist gadget can't seem to remember your preference, so that's a bit of a negative for the watch.

Still, if you like your watch to have time readability in brightest day, this is probably the best option, at least until something better comes along.

[source: Phosphor via A Blog to Read]