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Apple, RIM, Samsung, HTC Sued Over Mobile Displays

GPH investors present it as the successor of Silicon Graphics, which filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and sold most of its assets to Rackable. However, about 300 of SGI's patents ended up with GPH, which is monetizing SGI's former patents.

GPH alleges infringement on three patents:

6,650,327: Display System Having Floating Point Rasterization and Floating Point Framebuffering
6,816,145: Large Area Wide Aspect Ratio Flat Panel Display Having High Resolution For High Information Content Display
5,717,881: Data Processing System for Processing One and Two Parcel Instructions.

As usual in such cases, GPH asks the court to prevent further infringement and award damages.

Back in 2006, SGI sued ATI for infringing upon the 6,650,327 patent with its Radeon products. A federal court confirmed the validity of the patent, ruling that GPH had been in possession of it since early 2009, and the two parties settled the claim in April of 2010. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.