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Panasonic 's Personal Alien Queen Defense?

Okay, so it may not be up to spec for going toe-to-toe with an Alien Queen, but Panasonic's Powerloader Light is surely getting there. What it lacks in height, not to mention pincer claws, it makes up for by giving you an additional 40kg of leg power. That should at least help with the heavy lifting, which what the Powerloader from the Aliens movie was intended for anyway.

At around $223,000 a pop, it looks like not everyone may be able to afford their own personal Xenomorph defense system. However, Panasonic is offering a 50% rebate if you can present original research based on the device, within a year of acquisition. So if you want to make Ripley proud, at half the price, I've got two words for you: pincer arms. Really, it's the next logical step.

[via Plasticpals]