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"One-Touch" Wireless Security - Buffalo Technology's AOSS vs. Linksys' SecureEasySetup

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The user interfaces of AOSS and SES may be similar, but Buffalo and Broadcom also differ in their view of the target markets for these technologies. Buffalo has taken a more inclusive approach and pushed to make AOSS upgrades available across its wireless product line, initially even for older products that didn't have AOSS pushbuttons. AOSS is even supported on its latest AirStation MIMO router and companion CardBus card, which is based on Airgo's TrueMIMO chipset.

Linksys, on the other hand, is taking a slower approach to its SES rollout. The WRT54G (v3.1) router and WPC54G (ver. 3) client card Linksys shipped for testing came in what appeared to be official retail packaging. But Linksys' SES product manager said the product is at "release candidate" status as this is written and still not formally announced.

When asked whether SES would be available across the Linksys product line, the reply was that it would eventually be available on Broadcom-based routers and APs and all Linksys client adapters. But that "all" doesn't include older versions of its widely-available WPC54G Cardbus card, since SES will work only with the new "ver. 3" card. This isn't seen as a problem, however, since Linksys said that new users, i.e. without existing Linksys wireless products, are the targeted customers for SES.

The last point of comparison is installed base. There are currently more AOSS products in the field than SES, since AOSS has been shipping for over a year and is supported across all of Buffalo's current wireless products. AOSS is also supported on a few Japan-only consumer products such as Sharp's CE-MR01 Network Media Player, Seiko Epson's PA-W11G Wireless Print Server, SANYO's Hovica Home View Camera, and most notably in two games for Sony's Play Station Portable.

SES so far has Linksys and HP printers in its corner, so it has the potential for zooming past AOSS pretty quickly - once both companies start shipping. HP joined the Broadcom / Linksys joint announcement at this year's CES, but has not yet started shipments of SES-enabled printers.