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Surprise! Nintendo Wii is NOT Top Seller for April

Another month rolls by and Nintendo tops the console sales charts once again. No surprises there, except that this month is special now that Nintendo rules three spots instead of the usual two.

In addition to the Nintendo Wii and DS Lite taking up spots first and second on the list, the newly launched Nintendo DSi makes it the trifecta on the sales chart.

This marks the first month in recent memory that the Wii wasn’t number one, as the Nintendo DSi outsold all with a staggering 827,000 units – outpacing the Wii at 340,000 and the DS Lite at 215,000.

That means that the DS platform sold over a million units for the month, making up 31 percent of all hardware sales in April – not hard to believe when the DSi sold 435,000 in the first week.

The Xbox 360 fell after having a good March, selling only 175,000 in April.

Thanks to the price cut to $99, the ever-present PlayStation 2 is the top selling Sony console of month with 172,000, managing to outsell the PS3, which did 127,000 for the month. PSP, amidst rumors of new hardware in the pipe, sold 116,000.

Clearly a ton of people bought a Nintendo DSi last month. Were you one of them?