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A Touchscreen Watch That's Apple-Free

Apparently, the developers of the Mutewatch haven't heard that the iPod Nano can serve as a handy multitouch wristwatch. The Swedish startup has designed a chronometer that can be controlled with a gentle touch, but without all the music and other doodads that the iPod comes with.

You do have to give them credit. While the cost of a Nano and add-on strap is still $80 cheaper, and does a lot more, it looks a bit chunky. The Mutewatch, on the other hand, looks like a sleek wristband until the moment you activate it. Aside from displaying time, you can access the other functions by sliding your finger across the touch-sensitive surface.

At almost $300 for pre-order, it's quite pricey, especially considering the alternative. Still, if you like to have a dedicated timepiece, it might just be the thing for you.

[source: Mutewatch via Cool Material]