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XBOX 360 Gets New Chipset

The current revision of the Xbox is based on the Falcon chipset that is equipped with 90nm northbridge and 65nm CPU. Many have pointed out the biggest problem for the Xbox 360 has been due to the big heat from the graphics chip. While heat was reduced in the current revision, Microsoft seeks to bring down the cost and heat even more by using smaller chips. The first generation Xbox used 90nm chips.

Jasper will likely carry a lower production cost compared to Falcon due to the smaller packaging. This may be good news come this holiday, as the lower cost may lead to Microsoft cutting prices. Last fall Microsoft launched Falcon along with a $50 price cut of the Xbox 360.

TSMC is also reported to be the manufacturer for the next generation chipset for the console in addition to its latest contract. The next chip, code-named Valhalla, is rumored to be a single hybrid chip combining the CPU and graphics core into a 65nm package. However, it appears Microsoft would have to disclose IBM’s CPU design processes to TSMC, something IBM may not be too pleased about. The second option would be for Microsoft to rework the CPU. Valhalla, is expected to ship in the fall of 2009.

  • Wow Microsoft still trying to fix Xbox 360 from dying. Xbox 360 Elite also gets the Red light of Death is normal for Xbox now. Somany chips to make a console worth getting just get a PLAYSTATION3 is more powerful has no problem made to perfect and has perfect games and the most and the highest game exclusives and games. The only real teue next gen system with Blu-ray Disc the standard for movies, Xbox 360 still uses DVD which can only hold 8 gb double sided while PS3 can hold 50 gb. Xbox 360 is a bad investment has only one type of game FPS ripoffs.
  • To the comment above also.

    Price will be the same or higher. Blu-Ray will is supposed to be installed by Q3. PS3 games are only 4-8gigs but yes they have the capacity to go to 50 but none do. only movies go higher but it is supposed to be a buffer because most movies are only 30gigs not 50. so there is room for more definition built in.
  • MGS4 has already stated that they ran out of memory and was wishing they had more. It's funny with all this memory talk, because the makers of Assasin's Creed stated they were having memory problems with both 360 and PS3, saying that the PS3 uses it's memory it a much different fashion then the 360. To push something out in true 1080p takes a lot of memory, and that is why you will never see cable hdtv go to 1080p because it will clog up the line. MGS4 is rumored to only run at 720p and will upscale to 1080p, kind of like those standard dvd players upconverting to 1080p.
  • ^^ Wow, that's some bad grammar.

    When is this coming out? I just bought a 360 and would like to return / trade in for this new one if it's going to be out in the next few months.
  • noahjwhite
    When they talk of memory I doubt they are talking about the ROM memory. They are talking about the RAM memory which is a little underpowered in both systems. I own both systems and have never had a problem with either. That said... I play my Xbox 360 80% more than my PS3. It's a fine system with great games. No need to bash it.
  • decepticon
    I really hope that M$ gives some sort of incentive to the owners of the original and 'Falcon' versions of the 360 to upgrade to the newest version. It feels like they are leaving us swinging in the wind. Maybe a better trade in value or a free upgrade with trade in? I have already had one 360 go up from a RLOD that I had to 'fix' myself. I just hope my good 360 doesn't take a huge dump on me when the new version comes out.