Microsoft Making Passwords a Thing of the Past

Microsoft users no longer need to use their passwords to log into their Microsoft accounts, thanks to a new Microsoft Authenticator app for Android and iOS devices.
Credit: MicrosoftCredit: Microsoft
Users can sign into their Microsoft accounts on a new computer by entering their username and unlocking their phones with a fingerprint or PIN. From there, you simply need to tap Authenticate when you receive a Microsoft Authenticator notification.

In an official blog post, Microsoft's Alex Simons noted that the process is more secure than signing in using a password, which can be compromised and easily forgotten.

To set up Microsoft Authenticator, Microsoft says you can just select the drop-down button on your personal account tile and choose Enable phone sign-in. The company says it will automatically prompt you to set Authenticator up if you're adding a new account on an iPhone, and if you're setting up a new account on an iPhone, it will automatically set the feature up for you.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft hasn't developed a Microsoft Authenticator app for Windows phones. However, Simons said that the team will consider it if the app does well for Android and iOS users.

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  • Charles_159
    booooooo! your article is bad and you should feel bad.
  • Austin_93
    This is nothing new, Yahoo has been doing this for months with it's Yahoo Mail application.
  • Jorani
    A PIN code is literally a password, but in a shorter versions. Saying that it now requires a PIN instead of a Password and then calling the Password a thing of the past would be the equivalent to call USB Type A a thing of the past, while we transition to USB Type C.. It doesen't add up.