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Michael Jackson Breaks Music Download Record

The unexpected death of Michael Jackson had people talking immediately. People took to the internet and social networking sites to search, update statuses and tweet. In fact, Google thought that it was under attack when it was suddenly inundated with similar queries.

Checking for Michael Jackson on the internet also lead to record-breaking sales of online music. According to Wired, Billboard gathered that Michael Jackson is the first artist ever to sell more than a million downloads in a week. Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending June 28 had Jackson solo recordings and Jackson Five songs selling 2.6 million.

Consumers have also rushed out to buy physical media of Michael Jackson recordings. Billboard's estimates that that retailers in the last week sold 415,000 Michael Jackson albums, representing an increase of 4,150 percent from the previous week.

A quick check on iTunes also shows the King of Pop dominating the top ten lists (see the screen shots below, taken June 27, 2009).

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Did you contribute to the record number of downloads, or did you kick it old school by buying it on a circular piece of media?