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Lycos Rises From Dead to Track Your Health

While most people probably remember Lycos as the search engine and web portal dominated by Google in the early 90s, the company is looking to shed its past. In fact, Lycos is jumping into the wearables arena with an activity tracking band and smart ring, both of which are said to be released on June 8 for $125 and $60, respectively.

Simply titled the Band and the Ring, the duo of trackers from Lycos appear to be focused on fitness and security. Lycos describes the Band as impacting "a range of facets in your everyday life," with activity monitoring features as well as a "personal security manager." The Ring, however, seems to lack those fitness features and is more focused on security. Both devices are listed to have "Tap2Transfer" technology, which means you may be able to exchange payment or contact information using the wearables' NFC capabilities.

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Judging by the few photos on the Lycos website, the Band and Ring both have a minimal design aesthetic, though the Band looks quite bulky with a large, glossy screen. Both devices appear to come in six different colors, including black, white, blue and pink.

According to Android Authority, the Band will have a battery life of 10 to 14 days, while the Ring won't need regular charging -- possibly due to it being powered by a coin cell battery. Both devices will pair with an Android app called Lycos Life. Lycos hasn't released any more details about the devices or the app, but we can only assume that they will sync to the app via Bluetooth for storing and analyzing data.

We've yet to learn how in-depth the Band's fitness monitoring will go, or what kinds of security measures both devices have for protecting your personal information. We look forward to seeing how Lycos' new gadgets stack up to our favorite wearables when they launch June 8.

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