FAQs of (Web) Life: Managing Your Online Identity

The 3 Main Uses For Facebook

Keep In Touch With Faraway Family and Friends

Think of Facebook as a personal news site where the only stories written are about people you know. Facebook users like to share photos and write short updates on their life. You might get a friendly ‘just saying hi!’ email only once a month, but people interact with Facebook on a daily basis. So every time you log in to Facebook, you’ll see these updates and photos (only the ones from people who you have friended). You can write a little note underneath their posts. Or send them a private message (similar to an email but sent through Facebook instead). It’s a great way to see the everyday lives of friends and family that you can’t see every day.

Share Photos and Information

Facebook is for sharing. And if you want to stay up-to-date with technology, you’ll have to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. Now when people take digital photos, they – sometimes immediately – update them to Facebook. They can ‘tag’ other Facebook users in the photo too. This is the quickest and easiest way to share photos. Instead of using 5 different digital cameras to capture one photo, you can say, “Don’t bother taking out your camera, I’ll put up my picture on Facebook.” Another great thing about Facebook is that you can share links to articles or videos. If you want to send a favorite recipe to someone, you can just copy and paste a link onto their Facebook page. Or if you see something funny/cool/interesting that you think others would like, you can post it on Facebook for all of your Facebook friends to see.


Get Your News

Facebook has become a great replacement for my Google Reader. I ‘Like’ all of the Facebook pages of my favorite blogs, companies, and websites and then all of their updates appear in my newsfeed all in one place. I’ve even organized my Friends and Pages into separate lists on Facebook so that I can click one and see all of my friends’ updates and click another and see all of my news. So although I – and others – spend a lot of time on Facebook, we’re not just flipping through friends’ photos or stalking old boyfriends. I’m actually reading my favorite blogs and news sites in a pretty efficient way.

It may take you a while to get used to Facebook. You may hate it at first. But I really think there’s something great to be said about this social network when it’s used right. Be picky about who you friend and which pages you like and Facebook may actually make your day a little brighter.

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