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What Is the Point of Facebook?!

Dear Ms. Andrus,

This is going to sound really stupid but, please, tell me what is the point of Facebook? I’m over the age of 50 and I just don’t understand why I would want to use it. I’ve lived my life for this long without it. What is in it for me? How does it differ from typical e-mail? It mostly seems like a waste of time and one more online account that I don’t have time to manage. I think I need an entry-level class called Facebook 101. Can you try to convince me with a quick crash course on this topic?

- Fed Up With Facebook


Dear Fed Up With Facebook,

You’re right that Facebook can be a huge waste of time. No one has enough time in the day and with the number of social networks out there, how can you decide which one to join? However, there are some great benefits to joining Facebook. It’s much more robust and interactive than your ordinary email. I’ll try to convert you into a Facebook user with a few simple reasons.


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    Nice article!
  • PaulCanada
    Or In Canada enter postal code C0C 0C0 (letter, number, letter, number , letter, number): hint those are all the letter C and the number zero. In the USA enter Zip code 10000. Allows for general USA listing. Not sure if there is a solution for other countries, but likely there is. Cheers!