Insane 9-Lens Camera Phone Could Even Score with DSLRs

Remember Light, the company that rolled out a 16-lens camera last year? It's now working on a smartphone. 

Credit: Light

(Image credit: Light)

The Washington Post recently got its hands on one of these insane phones. And the most distinguishing feature is that it has up to nine camera lenses on the back. 

The Post reports the setup will allow the phone to capture 64-megapixel shots. Most camera phones these days capture 12-MP shots.

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The Post says this ambitious amera will allow for good low-light performance and "sophisticated depth effects." This means the photos you get may look as good as what entry-level DSLRs capture. 

This probably won't come cheap, though. Light's standalone 16-lens camera costs $1,950. This phone has seven fewer lenses, but also requires a processor, screen, and other phone-specific features. 

The upcoming Red Hydrogen One, which promises professional-level photography via modules, will start at $1,195. It will also have a holographic display up front.

Other manufacturers are also cramming more lenses into their phones, though on a smaller scale. Most companies, such as Apple and Samsung, now make phones with two lenses on the back. Meanwhile, Huawei's P20 Pro sports three rear leneses. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone X Plus are both rumored to feature three rear cameras, while LG's upcoming V40 could have not only three cameras on the rear, but also two on the front. 

You can expect many more rumors to surface before Light unveils the phone later this year. 

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