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Jaha Fitness Band Finds, Challenges Other Athletes

Athletes seem almost addicted to fitness bands and tracking their runs or workouts. And while all that tracking data can be useful, it's missing a little something. The Los-Angeles-based startup Jaha is trying to add a little spice with its new gamified and social smart band, which claims to help runners to "locate, challenge and motivate."

Like most fitness bands, Jaha can track the user's location, speed and other vital data points. What makes it unique is the addition of challenges, and the ability to track other users. Since every Jaha band contains a GPS tracker, users can track down other owners for a running partner, a spotter, etc. Users can also find "motivation partners," other users who are willing to team up and keep one another accountable.  

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If that isn't enough, users now have access to a series of challenges in the Jaha app. Users can challenge other users to reach certain exercise goals. Jaha believes this kind of competitive encouragement is an effective way to keep one working. If that isn't social enough for you, Jaha also has options for Team Collaboration (where multiple individuals work toward a larger goal) and Team Challenges (where groups can challenge other groups). Finally, Jaha offers Celebrity/Jaha Official Challenges, where the user can compete with celebrities and athletes.

It's worth noting that Jaha isn't just trying to create a versatile band; they're also trying to make an affordable band. They plan to charge $29 for a single band. This is significantly less than the reasonably-price Fitbug Orb and Fitbit Zip. 

Of course, this will be all for naught if they don't raise enough money. The company hopes to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter to finish their prototypes. The first 200 backers can preorder a Jaha Fitness band and app for $25. All other users can order one for $29. Backers will have their choice of color, though Jaha doesn't list which ones online. Their displays include black, dark blue, green, light blue and pink. They expect to deliver the product by November 2014.