This Isn't an iPhone 8 Ad, But Maybe It Should Be

When Apple needs to put together a TV ad for its iPhone 8 later this year, the company might want to give Thadeu Brandão a ring.

Brandão, a graphic designer, created a tantalizing concept video of the unreleased iPhone that rivals any commercial you'll see coming out of Cupertino.

From the looks of the video, which was spotted by BGR and created for ConceptsiPhone, Brandão drew upon many of the most popular iPhone 8 features that are rumored for Apple's next big release. Specifically, Brandão shows off an iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge screen, which many rumor mongers think is a certainty for at least one model in this fall's release.

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Having the display stretch from one edge of the iPhone 8 to the other will require Apple to do something about the home button. Brandão has that covered by integrating the home button into the screen. It appears as a cutout in his concept video, but the display still washes over it.

This being a concept video, there's a few ideas in here that aren't part of the iPhone 8 rumor mill, but really just interesting flights of fancy. For starters, Brandão incorporates the touch bar feature Apple added to last year's MacBook Pro update into his iPhone concept. Icons appear alongside the home button that change depending on which app is running.

This edge-to-edge iPhone 8 concept has both front and rear screens. Credit: ConecptsiPhone

(Image credit: This edge-to-edge iPhone 8 concept has both front and rear screens. Credit: ConecptsiPhone)

Brandão's video also features an iPhone that has both front and rear displays, something we've seen in the YotaPhone, but not anything likely to appear in the iPhone 8 this fall. (Update: A reader suggests that the phone in the concept video just shows off a singular screen, with the iPhone 8 flipping between apps, but it sure looks to us at one point in the video that the iPhone 8 is flipping around to reveal a screen on its other side, though that could just be neat video trick. Skip ahead to the 30-second mark of the video and judge for yourself.)

Still, we have to hand it to Brandão not just for dreaming big with his iPhone 8 concept video, but for making it looking as much like an Apple TV ad as possible, right down to the fonts.

Our favorite touch? The "Hello Again" appearing at the end of the video, which long-time Apple fans will recognize as a play off the "Hello" message that greeted the world in the original iPhone commercial a decade ago.

Philip Michaels

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