New iPhone 8 Leak Is Very Bad News

Some of the biggest questions surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 have centered on where the device's fingerprint sensor might go. And unfortunately, we have some bad news.

Credit: Slashleaks/BGR

(Image credit: Slashleaks/BGR)

The folks over at Slashleaks on Wednesday (July 19) published images of what they say is the iPhone 8's chassis. There are no parts inside, but what it reveals is disturbing. Sitting below the Apple logo on the rear panel is a hole, ostensibly reserved for a physical fingerprint sensor.

To be clear, there's no telling whether the iPhone 8 chassis in the picture, which was earlier reported on by BGR, is the real deal, a fabrication, or just one of many prototypes Apple is testing. However, it comes with several hallmarks that suggest it could be close to the real thing.

The rear panel includes a vertically aligned dual-lens camera, similar to those we've seen in several recent leaks. Additionally, the Apple logo appears to be placed in the right location. The chassis is decidedly not a final product, but appears to come in the same size and frame as several recent leaks.

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If Apple is indeed planning a fingerprint sensor on the back, it would come after months of speculation that the company would bake the fingerprint sensor directly into the display. However, recent reports have said that Apple is having trouble getting that virtual sensor to work properly, ultimately leading the company to either fix the problem or find another place for the sensor.

While a fingerprint sensor on the back makes sense, some other reports have said that Apple could add a Touch ID sensor to one of the physical buttons on the side, allowing it to keep a sleek finish without needing to add a hole for a fingerprint sensor on the back.

In addition to a fingerprint sensor, Apple is said to be working on a front 3D-scanning feature that would scan a person's face to allow them access to the iPhone. It might also be used to verify purchases, similar to the fingerprint sensor.

We'll find out what Apple has planned in September, when the company is expected to hold a press event unveiling the device.

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  • Risto_1
    This news article is badly written, and doesn't tell to us why this leak is a bad news at all. That fingerprint sensor is in the best possible place, which is the same as in my Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones. I'm not a Apple fanboy, I don't own any Apple devices, and I don't think I ever will. Still this stinks like a null information click bait article to me.

    TL;DR: Nothing to see here, iPhone 8 might use traditional, best available location for a fingerprint scanner.
  • MoiSoto
    As always, especially the notifications description. This site is a click-bait fest.

    What I don't understand is how it's clear that no-one takes this site seriously with almost no comments on the click-bait articles, and they still keep using misleading descriptions in the notifications (specially the constant use of "CONFIRMED", come on, do you only care about money from displayed ads whenever we fall for your explosive notification descriptions?
  • Harvey_14
    That prototype is an old one. The current design (probably already in production) has a glass back... Not metal!

    Also, case makers are using the current design (which does not have a Touch ID on the back) for their new cases. Those new cases, which we've already seen a few of) don't have an opening on the back, further proving that there is no Touch ID on the back of the upcoming iPhone 8.
  • Harvey_14
    This prototype is an old one. The current design has a glass back... Not metal!

    Also, case manufacturers have already been turning out new case designs for the iPhone 8 based on the specs provided by Apple, and NONE of those cases have a hole on the back for a Touch ID button.

    Using this old, early prototype as a basis for "bad news" is laughable.
  • DR____L
    The Nexus 6P fingerprint sensor is perfectly placed on the back and worked flawlessly. I'm starting to regret selling that phone.