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NZ Carrier Accidentally Tweets About New iPhone

While the news is a lot better for New Zealand residents who up until now were only able to get the iPhone with Vodafone, the Tweet alluded to the still unconfirmed new iPhone, expected to launch this summer.

New Zealand Telco tweeted via its official Twitter account yesterday telling followers that the company was “in negotiations with Apple and very focused on the 3rd gen iPhone.” Of course Twitter users immediately jumped on the message wondering what it was all about and asking whether they meant the 3G iPhone as opposed to a third generation version of the phone. NZ Telco responded, telling users that no, it was not launching the iPhone but that it was talking to Apple and “focused on a third version.”

Alright so local providers aside, it looks like Apple is definitely launching something new. Fair enough, with the months of rumors before this one, we’d all but figured that one out already but there’s no harm in confirming suspicions.

Now all we need to know is if Apple will launch at WWDC or wait for an iPhone-specific event with Steve Jobs later in the month.