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The Best Time to Get a Deal on iPad 3? 6 Months From Now

If you want to save a few bucks, you may want to hold off buying the new iPad right away, especially if the rumors that suggest that the iPad 3 will be $70 to $80 more expensive than the iPad 2 turn into fact.

According to DealNews, iPads were offered in the past with discounts, despite Apple's tight grip on the retail pricing of the tablet. The iPad 2, for example, was seen with a $10 discount three months after launch, but some stores began offering 16 GB, Wi-Fi iPad 2s for only $449 instead of $499 just half a year after the launch of the tablet. Buyers willing to do their research today can find the iPad 2 for as low as $429, DealNews said.

If you are craving the latest Apple device and time as well as money do not matter, standing in line on launch day may be the only option. However, if DealNews is correct, patience can pay off. While you get are getting more value out of the iPad 2, the entry-level iPad 3 could be selling for $519 instead of the rumored $579 suggested retail price by September.

In any case, we'll find out the real price when the iPad 3 goes on stage on March 7.

  • omega21xx
    If you already have an iPad 2, I don't see much reason to bother with an iPad 3. Usually by the time you need to upgrade your Apple device, they already stop supporting the one you are upgrading from.
  • mx2138
    misleading graph is misleading.
  • mickey21
    Seriously, people would wait 6 months to save a couple of bucks? What is the point on a niche device like this? I might understand if you had another tablet, but waiting 6 months to buy a product you know you want is kind of stupid. (not saying I would buy one either though) By the time you do, they will already be talking about how great the Ipad 4 is going to be so why bother, you will just want to wait at that point for the next one, and so on and so forth.
  • threefish
    The best time to buy new hardware is never.
  • the best deal to get an ipad 3 would be 5 yeas later in ebay.
  • willard
    mx2138misleading graph is misleading.Seriously. This is the third chart I've looked at (not all of them here) in the last two days where the scale makes a 10% difference look like 1000%.

    If you have a valid point to make, you won't need misleading graphics to make it.
  • eddieroolz
    Of course, by then the rumor mill for iPad4 will be in full swing and that might sway some to wait.
  • bavman
    threefishThe best time to buy new hardware is never.

    The best time to buy anything made by apple is never
  • _Cubase_
    Wait 6 months to get $60 off? Apple "discounting" at it's best I see. They might even take a dollar off the smart cases too! It's practically a STEAL!
  • phate
    The best deal regarding an iPad 3? Not buying an iPad3.

    Hey I'm 600 bucks richer already.