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Rumor: Apple Receiving Retina Displays For Next iPad

According to a report, Samsung, LG and Sharp have shipped a million displays to Apple in October and are ramping their production to two million units in November. Assembly of the new iPads is reportedly scheduled for January 2012.

iPad 2 production appears to be in the range of about 15 to 16 million units, according to Digitimes, and Apple appears to be taken steps to do some inventory control as display suppliers CMI and LG dropped their shipments last month. Will Apple be introducing a new iPad early next year? Your guess is as good as ours, but the rumors are surely getting more specific and analysts are generally expecting Apple to diversify its iPad line with cheaper products in Q1 2012.

Digitimes noted that Apple may have received 7.85-inch displays as well, but it is rather unlikely that the company will be deviating from its current form factor as Steve Jobs explained to the press and analysts that 10 inches is the ideal space and smaller sizes don't work for tablets.