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Apple's White iPad 2 Already Jailbroken

9 to 5 Mac reports that a member of the iOS hacking community has jailbroken a white iPad 2 just days after it launched nationwide. The news arrives by way of a tweet to 9 to 5 Mac revealing that a hacker by the name of Comex was able to remotely jailbreak the tablet.

Little else is known about how it was performed, or if the jailbreak will even be made public. However, as seen in this image (and seen to the right), the second-generation Apple tablet's iOS 4.3 was cracked, enabling the hacker to run Cydia. This program allows users to load 3rd-party apps not available on the App Store.

Generally Apple doesn't approve the use of "unapproved" apps, but those who wish to hack the new tablet for "educational purposes" can do so without much fanfare thanks to a DMCA exception added by the Library of Congress. This is a stricter approach to content control than what Google uses for the Android Market, allowing users to simply toggle "Unknown sources" on and off within the Android OS settings menu.

As pointed out by 9 to 5 Mac, the white iPad 2 in question was purchased from Verizon Wireless which received its first shipments on Friday. This indicates that both Wi-Fi and 3G variants of the jailbreak could be made available in the near future. Those who wish to keep up with the latest on the iPad 2 jailbreak can follow Comex here on Twitter. Otherwise, stay tuned for additional news.