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iOS Update Cleans Up Apple Music Mess

There's plenty to like about Apple Music, but, as we've discovered over the past few months, it can be a bit messy. Apple's debut music streaming service was plagued with a variety of bugs at launch, including some frustrating cloud-related issues that mismatched songs and artists. Fortunately, it seems Apple's been listening; the latest 8.4.1 update to iOS is almost entirely dedicated to fixing various Apple Music issues, and you can get it right now. 

This latest iOS 8 patch resolves "issues that could prevent turning on iCloud Music Library," meaning you should be less likely to find your music missing when you fire up the app. The update makes it easier to find your recently added music, and adds an option to add songs to a new playlist if you haven't yet made any. iOS 8.4.1 also fixes the infamous bug that mixes up album artwork, though we're going to miss seeing the Notorious B.I.G. mislabeled as Nicki Minaj.

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To take advantage of these fixes, you can download iOS 8.4.1 by selecting Settings > General > Software Update.

These new tweaks should hopefully result in a more user-friendly Apple Music, which just last month was making an absolute mess of many users' iTunes libraries. Apple Music now serves as the sole music app in iOS, meaning you may have seen your library suffer its bugs even if you opted not to try out the service's unlimited music streaming.

Apple Music was first launched on June 30 as a three-month free trial, and will cost $10 per month (or $15 for up to a six-user family plan) after that. In addition to millions of streamed songs, the service offers Beats 1, a live, 24/7 radio station, as well as Connect, a social hub where artists can post new content for fans.

We've generally been impressed with Apple Music, and iOS 8.4.1 addresses some of its biggest issues. However, with Spotify constantly improving with new fitness and podcast content, Apple's service needs to be in prime shape in order to keep its customers come late September.